What We Do

Sample soil according to USDA as well as United Nation Scientist international standards.

Sampling is done by a CCA Agronomist who practises Agrophysics.

Benchmark samples are taken according to your suggestion, or if you would like, we can give our recommendation after you consult us on the field history, application methods and products use.

We cut strips of soil at a right angle on theses benchmarks according to history, row spacing and fertilizer practices. All samples are taken to A horizon which varies from field to field in depth.

All samples are examined by the CCA and samples are stored and kept separately. They are examined for quality and similarities to previous samples. In many thousand of acres of testing, one sample in each field usually does not represent the rest and must be discarded. Causes, deer droppings, fertilizer or manure spill, other impurities that do not represent 80% of the field.

The soil is a hand mixing process according to the same statically method used in mixing a grain sample to represent the grower's grain for export.

The sample is placed in an airtight, one-time use, container and stored at 3°C. Duplicate samples are taken. One for testing and one for a backup history if further testing is required at a later time (EG.  soil diseases, bacterial).

We have no secrets. Growers who choose us, working with them, have a hunger to learn. We believe our customer determines our value. They tell us they are hungry to learn and we listen to them.

Our cost per acre is less than you think. We do everything in-house and are willing to show you how.

I have been in a field or barn for 48 of my 52 years. I have worked on some of the leading edge technology over those years. I believe no data is correct without a specialist to extract the soil and knowing what the history and conditions are. I have never had a producer tell me “they made money on pretty pictures of their crop from overhead", and I know, I tried it myself many times and failed to see economic cost return. 

You need hands, eyes, touch and smell with common sense together with accepted scientific measurement tools and programs, based on the reality that works. 

Time to put down the pictures and start farming again. Please let us show your farm how we walk the talk. 
Reinhard B

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